Game-Changing Display Film for Banners and Trade Shows

Game-Changing Display Film for Banners and Trade Shows

When we introduced LexJet Production Display Film SUVi n January 2016, we knew from our own testing that this was going to change the game for print providers who produce banner stands and trade show graphics. This was confirmed when the feedback came rolling in from the field.

Better Banners

A long-time LexJet customer in Lisle, Illinois, has been experimenting with LexJet Production Display Film SUV  creating individual retractable banner stands, that can be used on their own or as a larger expo displays.

The film was chosen for a 60-banner stand job for the Irish Consulate in Chicago as part of the Easter Rising commemoration. The banners were displayed in Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York, and Houston. The Consulate’s banners were designed with old newspaper clipping and included a lot of small text, but there were no concerns on whether the text would come out clear when using the product.

This product is different from others, due to its ease of use, vibrant colour, and exceptional image quality. 

Trade Show Versatility

In LaCrosse, Illinois, LexJet Production Display Film SUV is being used to produce retractable banners due to its lay-flat properties and the fact that there is no need for lamination. This durable, low-curl film has a semi-matte surface that is both scratch- and water-resistant.

The film is designed for quick and easy production for all kinds of display banners, from dry-erase flip charts to a 12-meter long trade show display.

LexJet Production Display Film SUV is compatible with solvent, low-solvent, UV-curable and latex inks.