Halloween Prank: DIY Head in a Jar

Halloween Prank: DIY Head in a Jar

Who says you can’t have fun at the print shop? Here’s an easy way to creep out your coworkers, friends, and family with a DIY trick you can create using Photoshop, your printer, and some water-resistant media.

Here’s what you need:

  •          Three photos, straight-on, and both profiles
  •          Photoshop
  •          Printer
  •          LexJet Production Display Film SUV
  •          Large jar
  •          Food coloring
  •          Water

We created a 3-D effect image using Photoshop and printed it on LexJet Production Display Film SUV, which has water-resistant properties without lamination. You could also laminate your print for additional durability.

Mix up the chemical “solution” with water and food coloring in the jar and insert the image. “Preserve” it by storing it the refrigerator for all to see!

To learn how we created the 3-D image in Photoshop, watch this instructional video: