Great Opportunities to Create Customer Wallcoverings

Great Opportunities to Create Customer Wallcoverings

When it comes to digitally printable wallcoverings, you’ve got more options today than ever before. You’ve got a lot of decisions to make — do you want a self-adhesive, a pre-pasted water-based application, or a traditional wall paper paste job? And what kind of finish is your customer looking for? Smooth or textured finish? We’ve got a few answers to get you started.

LexJet Solvent Print-N-Stick FabricHP PVC-Free Durable Suede Wall Paper and Vescom Polster, 20 oz. are available through LexJet Direct and are all latex- and/or solvent-compatible, so they won’t need an extra protective coating, unless you decide to add it.

LexJet Solvent Print-N-Stick Fabric

This is a customer favorite for temporary wall murals. Just like the name suggests, it’s a two-step process. Print it and stick it, thanks to the pressure-sensitive adhesive. With a clean, sheen finish, colours really pop on Print-N-Stick, and the fabric texture makes it easy to handle and the special adhesive is very forgiving — making it simple to reposition it and fix installation mistakes. Print-N-Stick is also a great solution to stick to windows, metal, wood and even floors.

HP PVC-Free Durable Suede Wall Paper

This HP product is formulated to pair with latex inks, which work together to create a scrub- and scratch-resistant surface that stands up to high-traffic areas, like hotels and restaurants. It also carries multiple environmental certifications, including the Type II as well as FSC®, REACH and UL GREENGUARD GOLD, which make this odourless, mold- and mildew-resistant wall paper a great choice for sensitive environments like schools and hospitals. The wall paper is finished with a pre-pasted glue that can be installed with a simple water technique. Watch this video to see how easy it is to install and remove.

Vescom Polster, 20 oz.

This type-II compliant vinyl offers the smooth natural look of stucco and meets stringent environmental standards and work well for corporate or commercial spaces, as well as residential. It is also safe for the most sensitive spaces such as schools, hospitals and public buildings. It is compatible with latex, solvent, eco-solvent and UV-curable inks, giving you the option to use your preferred print technology.