Vescom Digital Media: Wallcovering Line Available at LexJet

Vescom Digital Media: Wallcovering Line Available at LexJet

For busy print service providers, media consistency is key. And that couldn’t be truer when it comes to printable wallcovering. The print runs are large, and décor-level quality is highly scrutinized. At LexJet, we’re excited to offer Vescom Digital Media, some of the highest-grade and most environmentally sound PVC vinyls on the market.

Early users have been impressed with the production quality and consistency. “Having a product that’s very consistent is a big key for me,” says Mike Speeney of Limitless Walls in King, North Carolina, USA, which prints up to 40 wall murals a week for commercial clients, designers and architects, and the general public.

“The durability is really important, so you don’t have ripping or tearing,” Speeney says. “And, we’ve been using the Vescom Matte because you don’t want a glare with light bouncing back in your face like you would with a gloss finish.”

Plus, he says, “If you are doing something that is a photograph the smooth surface of the matte vinyl is the best for that.”

Limitless Walls has joined other PSPs who now offer an ecommerce site where clients can order murals online and his printshop fulfills the orders with Vescom Matte, which he switched to from another brand that had been inconsistent.

 “We try to make sure everything is perfect going out the doors, so when the customer gets it, they go, ‘Wow this is awesome,’” he says. He also offers fabric and canvas wallcoverings.

Additional advantages to using the Vescom Type II vinyl, Speeney says, is that he hasn’t had to readjust heat settings on his printer as he does with other products, and the vinyl is largely preferred by installers.

“There’s a consistent thought process with professional installers: They like to use paste, so the vinyl is our most popular product for them,” he says. “It goes up easy, and I haven’t had any problems yet.”

“Vescom is the world’s largest commercial wallcoverings manufacturer and is considered the ‘cleanest’ vinyl on the market,” says LexJet Vice President, Dean Lambert, “which makes it an ideal choice for hospitality, healthcare and educational facilities. The gorgeous finishes make it a perfect option for commercial and residential spaces, as well.”